JOSH SNYDER has been delivering the results for his clients right here in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2013.  He believes in specialization to bring his clients maximum value.  When it came time for him to choose an area, he had to look no further than out the window of his office — McCormick Ranch …

The McCormick Ranch Lifestyle is one that I can sell confidently.  In the 2000’s we saw the explosion of sub-urbanization and cookie cutter neighborhoods.  In the past 5 years folks have realized they want to go back towards the city.  However, I’m not totally sold that folks want to go back to extreme urban living — like New York or San Francisco.  I believe its a delicate balance of personal space (a backyard) while still being able to walk to our favorite boutique shops and restaurants.

Add to the mix some lush landscaping and 25 miles of scenic biking trails, and I just described McCormick Ranch to a T.

I realize people will be pulled in many different directions, and sometimes you just have to Sell Your House and Move.  I want to be the professional that can come in and get your home SOLD Fast, Hassle-free, and for Top Dollar.

I pride myself on getting my point across quickly and effectively, and am confident I can tell you exactly how I will sell your home fast in under 60 seconds over the phone.  Please Contact Me to get started TODAY — and I will lay out the best plans for you to accomplish your goal.


Thank you,

Josh Snyder

Realtor,  McCormick Ranch – Scottsdale, Arizona