I’m sure you’ve heard of Zestimates — the algorithm that spits out a projected home value for you just by inputting your address.  I’m not going to knock Zillow, but in truth there is no substitute for a hands-on analysis by a local area professional.

Home values will differ even in the same areas, sometimes substantially, because there are so many different metrics that make a home unique.  For instance, homes with a pool will sell for more price/sqft than a home without one.  Ranch houses will typically sell for more price/sqft than two-story ones.  And corner lots, end of cul-de-sac lots, and lots with more privacy will always command more than their busy street counterparts.

If you want a professional analysis — give me a call.  We can get straight to the point,  because I’m already well versed in selling in McCormick Ranch.  Just pretend I’m Stevie Wonder and describe to me your home in 60 seconds.  From there I will be able to give you a solid range on what you can expect I could get you sold for if we put it on the market.

I look forward to hearing from you!